Upcoming Vape Conventions

Upcoming Vape Conventions & Events (USA)

Are you looking for information on upcoming vape conventions or expo events for the vaping industry? This resource has got you covered and lists all the major upcoming vape conventions in the United States. You’ll find event names, locations, dates and relevant resources below.

The table shows the relevant information for the vape events. All dates cover the year 2019. Is your favorite event missing from this list? Comment below or use the contact form and it will be added!

Event NameLocationEvent Date(s)Website
VaporpaloozaGrand Rapids, MIApril 13-14vaporpalooza.com
E-Cigarette Summit USAGeorgetown, WAApril 29e-cigarette-summit.us.com
Next Generation Nicotine DeliveryMiami, FLApril 31 - May 1arena-international.com
National Vape ExpoMobile, ALMay 19-20worldvaporexpo.com
The Vapers CarnivaleRaleigh, NCJune 16-17vaperscarnivale.com
Vape ShowcaseHouston, TXJune 22-23vapeshowcase.com
National Vape ExpoUniondale, NYJuly 13-14nationalvapeexpo.com
National Vape ExpoRichmond, VAAugust 25-26worldvaporexpo.com
WorldVaporExpoMiami, FLSeptember 14-16worldvaporexpo.com
National Vape ExpoDenver, COOctober 27-28worldvaporexpo.com
Dynasty ExpoSan Antonio, TXNovember 8-10dynastyexpo.com

What To Expect At A Vape Convention

Walking, lots of walking. Regardless of the venue or the type of event you’re visiting, it’s essential to know that you’ll be covering some distance the days you’re there. Vaping conventions come in a variety of different types, each of which will be slightly different:

  • Trade Shows: These are the most interesting for the consumer, as you will be able to buy some neat vaping products, e-liquids or other vape-related goodies. Trade shows are held throughout the country (from New York to Miami and from San Fransico to Washington State).
  • B2B Meetups: Industry meetups are the most common type of vaping event. It’s where the industry will show their latest innovations, small- medium or large-sized vaping companies have their booths to show off their vape gear, or where debates are held on the state of the market.
  • Expo Events: These will often be held in the form of an exhibition or in a debate setting. Wheres B2B Meetups focus on industry discussions, expo events will also provide other aspects of the debate, inviting health professionals, scientists, journalists and others related to the industry.

So if you’re looking to buy cool vape gear, the best option for you will certainly be the trade show. If you’re representing a company, you’re better off checking out a B2B-event.

If you’re interested in the wider debate around vaping, an expo event will certainly be the choice of your liking.

Please note that you need to be of legal age (usually 18+, but some events require you to be 21+ years old) in order to be able to enter an event. Otherwise, it’s likely you won’t even get to go inside.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to purchase a ticket in advance, which can usually be done on the website of the convention themselves. Also, it’s good to bring a backpack for goodies, and some money for cool items you’ll find!

Find A Vape Convention Near You

Choosing a vape convention in a location near you can be tricky, because there are not that many locations where these types of events are held. Especially in the USA, only a few states will allow large-scale e-cigarette events. You’ll find most of them in states like New York, Florida (especially Miami) or Texas.

If you want to find the next vape convention near you, I highly recommend you to check out the table at the beginning of this article, which will provide you with all the big USA-based events.

If you’re more interested in an international vaping event (in case you travel abroad or are from a non-USA country), there are certainly some good options out there for you as well. For instance, you can visit the expos in Russia, South America or Scandinavia.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite event is. And as always, vape on!

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