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What Are The Safest E-Cigarette Brands?

E-cigarette safety is an important topic in the vaping community, mainly because it is a potentially health-detrimental activity. The good news? Compared to the major smoking brands, e-cigarette brands are a lot safer overall. Making this statement, you do have to keep a few important things in mind:

  • No single e-cigarette brand is considered ‘100% safe’
  • E-cigarettes pose just a tiny fraction of the health issues of smoking regular cigarettes
  • There is still a lot of scientific uncertainty about long-term health effects of vaping

Vaping is the new cool kid in town. There is still a lot to be discovered about the risks and dangers. One thing is for sure, it is absolutely better compared to smoking regular cigarettes.

Traditional smoking brands like to stay foggy about their production processes and ingredients. And the smoking industry also tends to manipulate health studies through their strong lobby. None of that happens in vaping, where we are dealing with a young and trending new industry. A lot of companies are trying to show how their products are healthier.

So if you’re looking for a vaping brand that is safe, you’d have to look for transparency over anything else. If you’re looking for a quick and easy answer, below you will find a table of the safest e-cigarette brands on the market today:

 Safest Vape Brand:Why You Should Get It:
#1VaporFiThe only high quality diacetyl-free 0% nicotine option out here. FDA approved!
#2BlackNoteGo all natural with real tobacco flavor, nothing artificial.
#3VSAVI100% VG, organic an natural CBD juice.
#4Kind Juice100% VG, organic an natural e-juice.
#5KAI's Virgin VaporOrganic, no nicotine e-juices.

What Makes An E-Cig Brand Safe?

A safe e-cigarette brand should adhere to certain principles to ensure the safety of their products. When you’re on the lookout for a high-quality e-cig brand, make sure to consider the following:

  • Transparency about ingredients: Is there a clear ingredients list available and are PG/VG amounts stated clearly?
  • Safe production and clean product origin: Does the producer provide information about the production process?
  • Look for diacetyl-free vape juice brands: Does the vape juice contain diacetyl, or is it diacetyl-free?
  • Look for nicotine-free vape juice brands: Does the vape juice contain nicotine, or is it nicotine-free?
  • Pricing should be realistic: Is the pricing what you would expect from the product or is it too cheap?
  • Check online reviews by doing a Google search for the brand name: Does anything sketchy pop up, any horror stories from other users in the vaping community?

Checking off the boxes on these topics will give you some insight into whether or not the brand is actually safe for usage. It will also give some information on the health status of the product. Nicotine-free and diacetyl-free vape juices are obviously healthier than their counterparts. Let’s look at why this is the case.

The Safest E-Cigarette Brands Have No Nicotine

One of the major harmful substances in vapes is, without a doubt, the highly addictive substance called nicotine. It is scientifically proven to be a health hazard, so it’s something you should absolutely avoid consuming in large amounts.

In the vape industry, a new development has emerged. I am talking of course about the infamous nic salts. They are popular, because they offer a smoother throat experience. Sounds nice, right?

Well, it’s actually quite dangerous, because the smoother throat hit allows for a higher nicotine tolerance. It’s much easier to consume a larger amount of nicotine this way. Essentially making it easier to get addicted.

Luckily, there are safer options out there that can potentially be a lot healthier. No nicotine variety e-liquids are plentiful on the market. For instance, there are plenty of 0% nicotine vape juices on It will give a good idea of the available alternatives out there. Do be aware that vaping without nicotine can still be harmful to your health. That is why we need to go one step further to decrease safety risks even more, and also remove diacetyl from the equation.

Safety Vape Juice Brands

No nicotine, no diacetyl. It’s the safest option.

Why Diacetyl-Free Vape Juice Is Better

If you’re familiar with vaping, you probably heard of the infamous lung disease called popcorn lung. It’s caused by the compound known as diacetyl (also referred to as 2,3 butanedionide). This chemical is used in flavoring many of the vape juices people use.

The lung-disease popcorn lung lends its name from the fact that diacetyl is also used in popcorn flavoring. It gives a buttery taste to the salty snack. But inhalation of diacetyl can cause a range of lung problems. This is obviously a safety hazard for all vapers. Prolonged exposure to diacetyl will put you at an increased risk of developing a lung-related health problem.

Luckily, there are vape juice brands that are safer and do not use diacetyl as an ingredient for e-liquid flavoring. Thus reducing the risk of developing popcorn lung, or other lung diseases.

It’s exactly why I’d like to recommend anyone reading this to consider choosing diacetyl-free vape juices. The list in the table at the top of this article only includes diacetyl-free vape brands. I’d recommend going for VaporFi e-liquids, simply because these juice bottles also come in a no-nicotine variety. Thus making the overall health hazard even smaller.

The Risks Of Vaping E-Cigarettes

If you wish to know more about the risks associated with using e-cig devices, I’d like to recommend the following related resources to you:

  • This study on vaping versus smoking and the related risks
  • A lung function study with relation to popcorn lung and diacetyl, which can be found here
  • Check out what the government (in particular the CDC) has to say about flavorings
  • For parents, here you can find some facts on vaping safety in relation to your children

Do check those out to learn more about increasing your safe vaping practices. Or for example, if you wish to look out for a loved one around you and want to learn what risk they are exposing themselves to. Information is a good weapon against stupidy, is something I always like to say. Smart vaping is possible, and staying safe is as well!

How To Stay Safe Vaping E-Cigarettes

So now you know more about how to stay safe when choosing your vaping condiments. It might be a little bit complicated at first to find the right products for you, but I feel it will be much easier once you pick from the brands in the table at the top of this article. I’ve spent a lot of time vetting vape brands. I honestly felt these were the safest e-cigarette options on the market today.

Apart from the whole health-story, you obviously also want to use good vape components. There is word on the street some vapes are exploding, in particular, the batteries that are being used. But to be honest, the safety risk of these type of events is next to none when you pick your components from this recommended page I made. With proper use and proper e-liquid choice, you can significantly reduce any unwanted side effects.

Yes, you heard that right. Safer vaping is very much possible if you inform yourself well.

Soaking up the information in this article will have given you some new ammo in the battle against nicotine addiction, as well as the risk of lung problems from vaping. I hope you take the tips and put them to practice. Let’s be health-conscious vapers. Do let me know in the comments below if the information has helped you, and as always vape on!

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