Juul Not Charging Lighting Up

Juul Not Charging Or Hitting? 7 Possible Fixes!

If there’s no light and your Juul is not charging or hitting, don’t worry. There are at least 7 fixes for this problem that could work. Here’s what you can do to solve the issue right away:

  1. Clean the Juul battery and the battery connector: 9 out of 10 times it’s going to be junk that clogged up the device that prevents a Juul battery from charging properly. The official sources tell us to use a dry cotton swab to clean the base connector.
  2. Charge your Juul again: It could very well be that you didn’t stick the charger in the port correctly, or you haven’t charged it long enough to begin with. So make sure to charge it again before trying anything else. It should hit right away if this was the issue.
  3. Try using another Juul charger: Don’t have one? Purchase a new charger for your Juul right here. It’s just 5 bucks for a new one, so it’s definitely worth a try.
  4. Rub something magnetizing on your Juul: Rub-a-dub a bit on the connector at the bottom and shazam! Should be fixed in a heartbeat.
  5. Dry your battery: If your device got wet somehow and the water seeped inside, you need to take the battery apart and wipe off any moisture, let it dry for a few hours after that.
  6. Change the position of the battery: Sometimes the battery itself shifts around, simply repositioning it will sometimes actually help the charging process boot up again. Give it a try and see if it works for you!
  7. Lick your Juul (I’m not joking): Lick the connector at the bottom. I’m serious. It resets your charge and gives the battery an opportunity to start booting up that battery again. And no, it’s not as gross as it sounds.

Okay, that last solution might seem a bit silly, but I’m not the only one that recommends it. It’s actually going to solve the problem in most cases, as odd as it may sound. Check out the video below for some more visual instructions on some of the solutions described above. Thanks to Juulboy for giving out these instructions on YouTube:

1. Clean The Juul Battery And Connector

Possibly the solution with the highest success rate is the act of cleaning your battery. In particular, the connects between your charger and your battery. That’s where a lot of gunk will build up over time that could prevent your Juul from charging properly.

This is nothing to worry about and can be easily cleaned. All you need to do is to carefully remove the components and get yourself a cotton swab with alcohol and clean all the tiny parts one by one. If you want to know the exact procedure for properly cleaning your device, please watch the instructional YouTube video below. It should give you all the information you need:

After this process, your Juul should be hitting normally again and the battery connector should be able to charge like it used to. As long as you make sure to remove all the gunk and make it dry for a while afterward, the problem should be solved. If it doesn’t work after this, please move on to the next possible fix.

2. Charge Your Juul Again

After cleaning, you should absolutely try to connect to the official charger again. Now that all the gunk is removed, the connector should be able to connect properly again. Make sure of the following when charging:

  • Use a safe and adequate power source.
  • Make sure the USB port is receiving power, it happens way too often people forget to put the power cord in.
  • Check for the light on the Juul to indicate charging (if it works, it should turn on again).

Pretty basic stuff. Even if the light doesn’t show, there is still hope for one of the other possible fixes.

3. Try Using Another Juul Charger

Did the two steps above but still didn’t solve the problem? Your best bet is to see if the charger is broken, so buy a new charger here for like 5 bucks and test it again! If it turns out to be your Juul that broke down, you now have a spare charger (which is always useful). If it turns out your charger was broken, you now have a working charger! Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

It doesn’t even have to be a third-party replacement, you can just use a new official one again. It should work just fine. But if that won’t do the trick, you could move on to try the next possible solution. It’s like magic, but better. Science!

4. Rub Something Magnetizing On Your Juul

Magnets are awesome. By rubbing a magnet on your Juul, the current gets an opportunity to reset itself. Magic? No. Science? Yes.

It’s simple, just get a magnet or anything that magnetizes and rub it on your devices. While this might sound like something straight out of a science-fiction movie, it has actually worked for other people before. Here‘s a Reddit thread to prove it.

Do make sure to rub thoroughly on all 5 sides, and you should be good again. I would recommend using a magnetic strip for this. It’s the easiest way to get close to all the essential components.

Still not charging or hitting? Do not worry, my child. I’ve got you covered. Let’s simply move on to another possible solution. Maybe you already did the next one or maybe it’s irrelevant. In that case, skip to suggestion number 6.

Juul Magnets

5. Dry The Juul Battery

Perhaps your Juul is a little wet? You wouldn’t know it, but it can secretly cream its tighty whities without you even realizing. It can happen to the best of us. All that needs to happen is for the pod to leak and you’re already having some problems taking your next hit or performing the next charge.

Tip: If you want to prevent pod leaks from happening, please read “How to prevent Juul pod leaks“.

For a good clean, simply get those alcohol wipes out again and clean around the battery and the connector. Let it dry for a bit and change your leaky pod for a new one. While you’re at it, do check for the positioning of the battery, which is another possible cause of the problem.

6. Change The Position Of The Battery

If you tend to throw around your Juul a lot (or accidentally dropped it once or twice), the components tend to shift around inside. This is normal, but it can cause problems using the device. Hitting and charging the Juul will be impossible when the battery is no longer positioned correctly towards the connector.

So please make sure your battery pins are not in an odd position they shouldn’t be in. Follow¬†these simple steps:

  1. Remove the pod and the inside battery by using a key or something similar.
  2. Reposition the connector and pins so they line up properly (you’ll see it right away).
  3. Push back the battery in its metal casing and place back the pod.
  4. Recharge again, use a new charger where possible / needed.
  5. Congratulations, you fixed your problem (hopefully)!

If that doesn’t do it, its time to stick out our tongue and give our Juuls some much-needed love. It’s the last possible solution, so you better make it a passionate kiss.

7. Lick Your Juul Connector

This might be the craziest, wildest, yet most effective solution out there. Get your tongues wet ladies and gentlemen, because it’s time to lick your connector. It’s not intended to be creepy, trust me. It’s like licking a stamp on an envelope.

If you’re brave enough to do it, lick the metal part at the bottom of the pod. This should not only allow your pods to hit harder, it will also fix any connector issues.

While you’re at it, also try to shake the pod a little bit so the bubbles inside will be gone. This allows for a better vaping experience overall.

Juul Still Not Charging? Use Your Warranty Card!

Fine, here’s a bonus solution for the hopeless cases out there. If you still happen to have some warranty left on your device (and you kept that nifty warranty card), it’s time to claim. Please read about Juul warranty requirements here on the official website.

Replacing your broken Juul is a completely free and simple process.

It takes about 2 weeks to receive a new device from the manufacturer. Use the code that belongs to your Juul device and you’ll be sure to be up and running on your vape supplies in no-time. Talking about vape supplies, have you checked out this overview page of the best vape gear currently on the market? It’s a list of vape product categories I keep, where you can easily find the best of the best. Do check that out if you’re done fixing your Juul. And as always, vape on!

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