Juul Blinking Rainbow Light

Why Is My Juul Light Blinking Like A Rainbow? (Easy Solution)

Is your Juul light blinking like a rainbow, but it’s not the time for that ’70s disco party yet? The solution to fix this so-called ‘party mode’ on the Juul is easier than you might think. This article will explain what those crazy rainbow lights actually mean, but I’ll also go over how to solve this issue step-by-step.

Hit the Juul, shake it or slap it, disco! That’s one way to make things light up in a colorful way. The Juul is notorious for a multitude of light indicator issues, such as when the Juul light won’t turn off.

So, is the blinking light display just something fun? We know that this issue is caused by the accelerometer inside that detects motion. But is it an error? It’s hard to say. It was probably designed like this. The full story is more interesting than you might think.

What A Blinking Rainbow Light On Your Juul Means

That blinking rainbow on your Juul is also known as ‘party mode’. It’s not an error, but a fun easter egg that does not harm your vaping device whatsoever. There is some debate as to what the exact purpose of the blinking rainbow light is, but the general consensus is that ‘party mode’ on your Juul is an homage to Juul’s older Pax product line.

Whereas on the Pax the party mode actually served a purpose, on the Juul the blinking lights do not serve a real purpose. Some people claim that this disco-mode can also aerate the bubbles around the wick for a smoother hit, but this claim is not confirmed. As far as I know, you won’t be able to do anything other than have a good time with it. So after taking a hit, do take the time to enjoy the light show, because it’s not going to last forever:

Juul Blinking Party Mode

Looks pretty fun, huh? If you also want your Juuls to also show this disco fever light show bonanza, you will have to follow a few simple steps. The section below will explain you step-by-step what you need to do to achieve this blinking light successfully.

How To Get A Juul In ‘Party Mode’

Getting (and keeping) a Juul device in the infamous ‘party mode’ is a relatively simple procedure. We want to change the color of the light from the regular green, to the blinking rainbow color that keeps flashing different colors. This can be achieved through the following steps:

  1. Make sure your Juul device is fully charged and turned on;
  2. Inhale once from the Juul device (take a big hit);
  3. Open the palm of your hand and keep your fingers firmly together;
  4. Slap the Juul device on the palm of your hand with a small amount of force (don’t hurt yourself). If this doesn’t work, you should try to shake the device firmly;
  5. Congratulations, your Juul is now in party mode!

If you’re still confused after these steps, let me show you a video. For a simple visual guide, please refer to the YouTube video below and follow along with the instructions (please ignore the stoner kid):

How To Turn Off ‘Party Mode’ (Remove Blinking Lights)

Let’s face it, the blinking lights are a lot of fun, but the enjoyment is going to wear off pretty quickly. Also, it’s not exactly the most ‘stealthy’ way to vape in public either. So if you’re sick of this so-called ‘party mode’, this is what you need to do to turn those blinking disco lights off again:

  1. Make your hand flat again (or find a clean flat surface);
  2. Slap your Juul once on the palm of your hand (or on the flat surface)
  3. This should fix the accelerometer inside the device, it should immediately return to the regular mode;
  4. Problem solved, party mode is turned off successfully!

That’s how simple things can be sometimes. If it turns out this solution does not work for you, there is a simple alternative as well. You can alternatively try to pull out the pod and see if that does anything for you.

If it turns out that none of these solutions work for you, it could be an issue with the wiring on the inside of the vape. If you cannot get your devices out of the party mode at all (even after letting the battery run out and after recharging), you might want to request a new one, please check the official Juul website for more information. There is a one-year warranty guarantee from the manufacturer that you can use.

Other Common Juul Light Problems

The little light indicator is a funny and mysterious thing. We learned today it likes to do some disco. Good times! But it’s not always fun and games. As long as those indicators are green when everything is turned on, you will not have any issues.

However, there are many cases in which errors do occur, or when the light will completely die on you. As mentioned before, if you cannot turn your lights off anymore after taking a hit, this article might help you out.

If you scroll down a bit you can also read about some other color meanings of the light indicators. Most of these explanations can also be found in the guide that is delivered with the product itself. If you’re actively Juuling you will most likely encounter some of these issues yourself at some point. So be aware of them and inform yourself!

If you have any questions after reading through this article, feel free to comment below. I will always try to answer them as quickly as I can. I’d love to help out wherever I can! In case you’re interested in some cool Juul accessories or other vape gear, also check out my recommended vape gear page right here. It’s where I collect the best options for all of the most common vape products out there. There’s also plenty of Juuling-related product sections in there, so make sure to check those out. And as always, vape on!

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