Juul Compatible Refillable Pods

Juul Compatible Refillable Pods: Read This Before Buying!

You most likely landed here because you want to buy some Juul compatible refillable pods. There are a few things you should know before purchasing this kind of unofficial Juul product. Third party refillable pods are not always up to the quality standard you’d want, so it’s important to know what you’re doing.

That’s exactly why I decided to write up this short buyers guide for people interesting in reusing their Juul compatible pods. The tips you’ll find below will help you understand what products to buy and which ones to avoid. Furthermore, you will get some practical advice on what to take into account with regards to the refilling process. Let’s jump right into it!

What Are Juul Compatible Refillable Pods?

Non-official or third-party Juul compatible pods are suitable for use with regular Juul devices. These type of e-cigarette pods for Juul are what we call ‘refillable’, i.e. they can be filled up with e-juice after they are emptied once. The refillable character allows Juul-users to enjoy a single pod much longer.

Obviously, the refilling of pods is a somewhat tedious process that seems almost silly to outsiders. Because why in the world would you go out of your way to open up old pods and refill them with e-juice? Well, there’s a whole range of reasons why someone might put effort into doing this.

Benefits Of Refillable Juul Compatible Pods

There are some obvious (and less obvious) benefits to choosing to go refillable. The list below will provide you with a quick and simple overview:

  • It’s cheaper: The main driver for refilling lies in the cost. Juul pods aren’t exactly the cheapest thing on the planet to vape (starting at $10 USD). Third-party compatible refill options will drastically reduce the cost of vaping. A dollar saved is a dollar in your pocket.
  • It opens up a world of flavor choices: The official Juul flavors are rather limited. Non-official alternatives will open up a range of new flavorings. These can be even further broadened with refilling! Almost any e-juice can be vaped inside your Juul, as long as you’ve got the creativity to think of your best flavors. You can even go for DIY e-juices, or try steeping e-juice to enhance the taste.
  • You’ll vape bigger clouds: The amount of vapor production from an official Juul pod is rather limited. That’s where using compatible cartridges will help you out a ton. The improvement is immediately noticeable, the vapor production will increase when you choose non-official products.
  • It’s less wasteful: Let’s face it, throwing away boxes of empty pods is bad for the environment. The empty containers are perfectly fine to use, even after you emptied them out the first time. Give it a quick rinse and refill that bad boy up for another spin, for up to 3-4 times at least. If you must throw away empty e-juice products afterwards, please refer to this guide I wrote up.
  • It’s fun: The vaping culture is undoubtedly full of passionate people that live using their equipment to the fullest. There are absolutely tons of people that will enjoy the process of tinkering with their Juuls whenever they get the opportunity. Creating pod refills might be tedious work to some of you lazy bums out there, but it can also be rewarding and fun for people to do!

Did this tickle your enthusiasm for the refill culture a little bit? I bet the cost reduction alone would convince you enough to get started. However, before you jump into reusing those cartridges, please take some time to learn about the common pitfalls and dangers. The tips in the remainder of this article will help you understand what to do (and what not to do) in the world of refillable Juul pods.

1. Buy Pods With A Cotton Wick

If you’re experienced with using the Juul, you know that the amount of vapor it produces, as well as the quality of the flavor, is rather limited. Getting a refillable pod with a cotton wick will solve these problems right away.

They work really nicely with salt nic e-juices and can be used up to 3-4 times in a row. You won’t need to follow a complicated refill procedure like with official pods. Just pop the lid off, put your salt juices in and get started with your improved vaping experience right away.

The addition of the cotton wick will increase the overall flavor experience and cloud production. It’s going to significantly increase your Juul experience and once you try it, you’ll likely never go back again. And as a side benefit, you’ll save a shitton of money on ‘official pods’.

2. Take Time To Understand The Pod Refill Process

Refilling your pod in the correct way will avoid spillage of e-liquids. It’s the basic procedure for reusing your Juul pods. If you use non-official ones, the process will likely be much easier as they will be designed to be opened more easily. Here’s the process explained step by step for your convenience:

  1. Take the pod and pop off the rubber seal;
  2. Clean out any excess juice and fill it up with an e-juice of your choice;
  3. Reattach the rubber seal and make sure no leaks can occur;
  4. Enjoy your new vaping experience!

Once you familiarize yourself with the procedure, you won’t ever want to go back to the official flavors. The money saved from using unofficial pods will outweigh every kind of extra effort you have to put into it. However, you do need to avoid any type of low-quality brands, because then you WILL have a bad time.

3. Go For Trustworthy Brands Only

Have you ever had a bad experience with non-official compatible pods? Because I have, many times. It’s taken me a lot of trying and testing to find the brands that are worth your time. And even those brands will sometimes have shitty products, let’s be real.

But I still recommend you to go with well-known brands only.

That way, you can at least get a refund when your product is broken. Or you will be able to find some resources on how to fix potential problems, if necessary. So what brands do I really like? Here’s a short list of (mostly pre-filled) brands and products that have mostly positive reviews (note, this does not mean they always are good):

  • Ziip pods
  • EonSmoke
  • Viv pods
  • J-Pods
  • Magic Mist pods
  • 3X Pods
  • Airbender pods / Airbender hemp pods
  • Blankz pods
  • Cyclone pods (no nicotine)
  • Hempods (no nicotine, contains CBD)
  • Sylo pods (come empty)
  • ESCAPE pods (no nicotine, contains CBD)
  • Sea100 pods
  • JGO(+) pods (no nicotine, contains CBD)
  • SAUC pods (no nicotine, contains CBD)

4. Buy Juul Pods In Packs For A Better Deal

Here’s another one of those things that might seem obvious for a lot of you out there, but I see time and time again people will buy only what they need. But why not buy some extra for future use and get a better (package) deal in the process?

This way, you will save yourself a considerable amount of money over time. Isn’t that what you started refilling pods for in the first place? Okay, perhaps also the enhanced flavor experience. But the money aspect will motivate every vaper to choose ‘cheaper’ wherever possible, without removing the quality aspect from the equation.

5. Play Around With Nicotine Levels

From the brand list above you can tell that there’s a lot of different options in terms of nicotine, since there are also no nicotine Juul solutions out there. But next to this, you can decide what to put into your refill. So why not try nic salts (actually nic salts are great!), or maybe play around a bit with the amount of nicotine you prefer.

From a quitting smoker perspective, you really want to build down the amount of nicotine in your liquids. The official ones have (comparatively) quite a lot of nicotine in the pods. So by choosing low nicotine alternatives, you are able to slowly take steps towards becoming completely nicotine free!

For the people that have anxiety or other mental/physical problems, Juul compatible CBD solutions might actually also be a good help. There are plenty out there that can help you! I have made a useful article about this on the blog, go check it out in case you’re interested in putting CBD in your Juul:

Go to article “The 10 best Juul compatible CBD pods I have ever tried”

Experimenting With Your Juul

We have explored a lot of benefits, doubts and interesting aspects of refillable Juul solutions in this article. Learning which products fit your style will take some experimentation. Try out different things, play around with nicotine levels, CBD additions, different brands, pod systems and make sure to get the correct type of refillable pods that do not leak!

It all starts with choosing the correct gear to vape with. Throughout my blog, you’ll find references to my recommended overview page right here. It’s where I keep a list of all the best products in each vaping category. There’s also a lot of Juul-related stuff in there, so do make sure to go and check it out sometime. And as always, vape on!

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