Juul Battery Life Extend

Juul Battery Life (And 5 Ways To Extend It)

If you want to know the real battery life of your Juul, using the LED indicator might not give you the most accurate results. That’s where the information in this article will help a lot!

An average single Juul charge will last longer than some people might expect. Especially if you apply the tips to extend Juul battery life, which will be revealed later on. But first, let’s explore how long a single charge will last you on your Juul.

The Average Juul Battery Life

According to the manufacturer, the average Juul battery life is equal to one (official) Juul pod. The average regular Juul user is likely to last a full day with a single battery charge. Over time, the length of the maximum battery life is likely to decrease.

When your Juul device is fully charged, the LED indicator will flash green. By tapping the Juul device twice, the LED indicator will show a rough estimation of the remaining battery life. There are three main color indicators:

  • Green: The battery is (almost) fully charged, you are able to finish a single Juul pod without charging;
  • Yellow: The battery is 50% empty, you are able to finish half a Juul pod without charging;
  • Red: The battery is nearly empty, recharging is recommended before you continue using your device.

The LED indicators on your Juul are helpful, but not accurate enough to determine exactly how long a single charge will last. So let’s try and answer the following question.

How Many Puffs Does A Juul Battery Last?

The manufacturer states that the Juul battery life will last a single Juul pod, which is intended to last about 200 puffs, based on 3-second puffs. Individual vaping patterns vary: Where one user is able to get 200 puffs from a Juul pod, other users might inhale longer, resulting in shorter battery life.

To be fair, the 200-puffs a pod estimate is pretty much never what you’ll experience in the real world. It’s usually a bit less, more like ~170 puffs a pod. That’s because quite a few of those rips will be longer than the average of 3 seconds.

On YouTube, there’s a good video of two Juul-users putting the theory to the test. It’s not a very scientific approach by any means. But let’s face it, the real world isn’t purely scientific either.

Here’s what they found out about the usage of a single Juul pod:

Given the fact that we know “1 pod = 1 charge”, we can also use this data to estimate battery life.

Rip your Juul 170 times a day, recharge at night, repeat.

That’s what you’re going to do if you’re a regular user (on one pod a day). But there’s plenty of people that will only Juul in a social setting, or only when they finally have some time off. That’s going to increase your overall battery lifespan.

But even if you’re a heavy user, there are some things you can do to increase the battery life of your Juul device. Let’s explore five of the most effective tips and tricks to do this. I’m pretty sure you can apply at least one of these.

How To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Juul

Want to increase the overall battery life of your device? I’ve tested and reviewed 5 ways to do this. Some strategies are more effective than others, but all of them are realistic. And more importantly, they are proven to actually work.

1. Puffing Instead Of Drawing

I’ve already extensively explained that the length of the puff will matter for the lifespan of the battery. So if you’re used to drawing a lot of juice each rip, it’s time to change your vaping behavior. Here’s what you can do right now:

  • Inhale no longer than 3 seconds each time;
  • Take short puffs and no deep draws;
  • Make sure to enjoy that single puff a bit longer to get a similar vape experience with less usage.

It’s not something that’ll come easy if you’re used to long, deep draws. So it requires a conscious change of vape behavior. This requires time, practice, and a little bit of determination from your side.

Your Juul is comparable to a musical instrument: Play it in the way you prefer. If you’d like to enjoy a single battery charge longer, you should try and play some different notes as well. You can use your breath to control usage when inhaling!

2. Carry A Juul-Compatible Charger

When you carry a charger on the go, you’re able to keep using your Juul device for a much longer period of time. This simple solution might not make a single charge more efficient, but it does improve the time you can keep using your device continuously.

There are quite a few decent Juul power bank solutions out there. I’ve personally been using the Gem Portable Juul Powerbank lately. It’s a nifty device that allows you to recharge your Juul wherever you are:

Juul Powerbank

This GEM powerbank for the Juul has saved me many times.

Click here to see the price!

This special Juul powerbank easily attaches to the Juul connector on the bottom. All you need to do is place your Juul inside the device. It starts charging automatically.

At the time of writing, there’s a temporary discount on the VaporDNA.com store for this device. It should be $10 USD cheaper at the moment, so get it while it’s hot.

3. Keep The Juul Charged For Better Battery Efficiency

Did you know that the battery performs a lot better when it’s fully charged? Keeping your Juul in the ‘green LED zone’ will improve the efficiency over time for your device.

It’s an urban myth that you should only recharge when the entire battery is emptied out.

Actually, it’s the reverse.

The lower your battery life is at any given time, the less efficient your battery recharge will become. Thus making it important to recharge as soon as possible!

The takeaway is this: It’s better to recharge your battery when it’s half empty (yellow light on the Juul), than to recharge it when it’s completely drained. This will put an unnecessary strain on the batteries and it will take more energy to recharge the device.

4. Don’t Overcharge Your Juul

This is another one of those hidden tricks that a lot of people tend to overlook. A lot of people keep their Juuls attached to the charging dock after they are already fully charged.

Doing this will ruin your battery long-term.

I would suggest you to immediately remove the Juul from the charging dock the second it’s done charging. This way, the extra charge won’t cause any harm to the battery.

Juul Battery Lifespan

When your Juul is done charging, remove it from the charging dock immediately (Source)

Obviously, this will not harm your batteries immediately, but over time, the charging capacity of your Juul will dwindle even faster than it already does. So if you want to keep using your devices longer, make sure to give them júst the right amount of power each charging session.

5. Invest In Alternative Pod Systems

While Juul is one of the most popular vape pod systems currently on the market, it’s not exactly the most efficient one. And it’s not the cheapest either, the monthly cost of a Juul is estimated to be $171 USD.

So why not try another brand altogether? If you’re not someone that’s attached to a brand-name like Juul, it’s definitely worth considering. Alternative pod systems can have multiple benefits to users:

  • A similar or sometimes even better vaping experience;
  • Cheaper initial purchase costs;
  • Cheaper cartridges and refillable e-juice containers;
  • Available in many varieties, pick your favorite;
  • Good alternative pod systems are less likely to malfunction.

In order to help you out, the section below will give you some suggestions for choosing a good alternative pod system. If you’ve never tried anything other than the official Juul products, it’s at least worth a try! I’ve made sure to include the best alternative vape pod systems currently on the market.

Juul Alternatives With A Better Battery Life

There’s a whole jungle out there for alternative pod systems trying to mimic Juul. Don’t feel like diving into that? No worries, I got you covered.

I’ve already done the research work for you and came up with a list of the 10 best alternative pod systems that outperform Juul (full article here). Since you’re probably too lazy to click, here’s the top 3 from that very list:

  1. Lost Vape Orion DNA GO: A 40 Watts powerhouse with some amazing vapor production.
  2. Vladdin Vapor RE: Strange name, but provides the ultimate flavor experience.
  3. Innokin EQ: The boost mode is where you want to experience this vapor producing beast.

If you’ve never tried any type of pod system apart from the popular Juul device, now is the time to try one out. It’s not exactly going to break your bank, so don’t be shy and try one for yourself!

Do be aware of the fact that there are two unique types of pod systems out there. One will have pre-filled closed cartridges, while another category will allow you to use refillable cartridges which can be renewed with other e-juices. It’s the last category that will be the most money-efficient in most cases.

If you’ve adopted a new type of vape device, perhaps you’d also be ready to get yourself some decent “traditional” vaping gear. I warmly invite you to check out this overview page, which will guide you through some of the main categories of vape products. Orient yourself on the best stuff out there and get started with your vaping journey.

If you still have any questions about increasing the lifespan of Juul batteries, feel free to drop a question in the comment section below. I’m always ready to answer a question or two. Talk soon, and as always, vape on!

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