Is Smok Good Brand

Is SMOK A Good Vape Brand?

As some of you might know, one of my all-time favorite vape starter kits used to be the SMOK Alien 220W. This might say something about my bias towards vape products from SMOK as a brand, compared to other well-known brands like Vaporesso, Eleaf, or others like Juul. However, I do believe it is important to inform people in an honest way about the safety and quality of certain brands and products. You might be someone who is completely unfamiliar with SMOK as a vape brand, so this article will help you on your way with that.

As one of the larger players in the vaping industry, SMOK has secured themselves a well-known name in the community. The Hong Kong-based company has sold many hundreds of thousands of vape tanks, coils, starter kits and many other types of vaping products. So there must be something that’s attractive about their brand. Obviously, everyone’s taste is unique and all vapers have their own preference in term of product type. But are they any good?

Are SMOK Products Good?

SMOK products are among the most popular and widely used vape gear brands worldwide. While their products are generally considered safe for use, there are better alternatives to SMOK products available in a similar price range. Experienced vapers don’t often recommend SMOK gear, as they are known to be problematic.

When you do some research on SMOK mods exploding, shorting out, bricking themselves, or just generally dying very quickly, you’ll soon realize that their reputation is somewhat problematic.

SMOK coils also have several common issues, while I personally never had any issues with them, many people report a short vape coil lifespan, dry hits (expect if you do some tweaks and modifications yourself on the wick), bottoms breaking off, and more problems along the same line. Anything that can go wrong, has gone wrong on these coils at some point.

However, these are usually anecdotal problems and many people will do just fine with a SMOK vape as their first vape kit. As I said, I still do recommend you to just try out the SMOK Alien 220W as your first starter kit, because it has everything you need (and more). The gear I bought online at VapeWild has never failed on me (so far), but I do have to admit I have since moved on to more advanced mods that are more suitable for experienced vapers. Nevertheless, in the period that I’ve heavily used that vape mod, I have never had any significant problems with it at all.

There are a lot of aspects which are appealing to vapers around the world. SMOK has built a name for themselves not for their problems, but for their excellent achievements in:

  • Improving vaping technology;
  • Beautiful vape gear aesthetics;
  • Worldwide reach and availability for a relatively low price;
  • Low barrier to entry, ease of use for beginners;
  • A well-known focused set of products and product lines.

The Most Popular SMOK Brand Products

It might be pretty boring, but by far the best-selling SMOK branded products are replacement coils, because those need to be replaced every once in a while. Hence the name of the product, obviously. But let’s not give to obvious answer here and try and see in different categories what some of the most popular and most sold products are that are sold by SMOK:

  • Vape starter kit: SMOK Stick V8 Kit (check here)
  • Vape mods: SMOK Alien 220W Mod (check here)
  • Vape coils: SMOK TFV8 – V8 Baby Q2 Coils (check here)
  • Vape tanks: SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Tank (check here)
  • Drip tips: SMOK TFV8 Drip Tips (check here)
  • Disposable vape kits: Strawberry Waterfelons E1 – Disposable Vape Kit (check here)
  • RBA decks: SMOK TFV12 RBA Decks – V12 RBA & RBA-T (check here)
  • Sub-ohm tanks: SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Tank (check here)
  • O-ring sets: TFV8 Baby Beast O-Ring Set (check here)

While I don’t have exact numbers for you on the number of sales, I can tell you that SMOK is one of those brands that will always be a best seller in the industry, simply because a lot of people use their products ánd stick to them. Pretty much any online (and offline) vape store will give you the opportunity to buy some SMOK gear as one of the main options.

But would you buy them knowing they can have some deficiencies over time? As a user, I don’t think its much of an issue, every product line has anomalies, especially in replaceable products like coils. The tanks and pens are solid, which is what matters, and the coils get replaced quickly and cheaply, so if one were to malfunction, so be it. Do be aware of your safety though, which is another topic I’d like to jump into for a little bit.

Are SMOK Products Considered Safe?

SMOK does millions of dollars in sales every year, which would make most of their product lines highly tested for potential problems. SMOK has an incentive to minimize problems with products, which would increase their sales and minimize product returns. Most SMOK products are considered completely safe, yet a malfunction is never impossible.

The high-end technologies used by the brand are well-designed with safety and risk in mind. The construction of the vapes is generally of good quality (almost unbreakable during normal use).  I also have yet to find a case of an exploding SMOK vape, so you can rest assured that the build of these products is good enough to not catch fire out of nowhere. There is one known case of a knock-off SMOK vape pen that has killed a man in Florida. The term “knock-off” should tell you enough here, only ever use the official brand and never go for the fake ones. That should keep you safe at all times.

When it comes to your health, inhaling large quantities of smoke into your lungs is likely to do you more harm than good. Most e-juices that can be used in vapes like these contain some amount of nicotine, which automatically makes then a health hazard in long-term use. This is not specific to SMOK, it’s a problem that is true for the entire vape industry. However, vaping is still considered a safer option for your long term respiratory health than smoking regular cigarettes.

Where Are SMOK Products Made?

SMOK is an Asia-based company with their headquarters in Hong Kong. Most SMOK products are made in mainland China, specifically Shenzhen’s Nanshan district, yet components of the vape products can come from all over the world.

Most of the assembly and production work will be based on the Chinese mainland, which is not uncommon for electronics such as these. China has a relatively relaxed policy towards smoke-related products, which also include e-cigarettes. The industry has provided a booming market for a lot of Chinese workers to find a job. Working conditions are generally considered safe and good. Most Chinese staff workers will get fair treatment and an honest wage. The country has strict guidelines to make sure of this.

It is key to verify your products before using them, in order to ensure you did not purchase a counterfeit. This is a big problem for large Chinese industries: There are always impostors trying to make money off of a good and trusted brand. Whenever you purchase a SMOK product, you will receive a little card with an option to scan a QR-code. Use this to register your purchase and verify the quality of the purchase you made! I always do this to know if my purchases aren’t knock-offs, and in the case of a potentially unsafe exploding vape, this could mean the difference between life and death.

Choosing A Vape Brand That Fits You

Most vapers aren’t that keen on sticking to a certain type of brand. Who cares if you choose Vaporesso, Eleaf, or Juul? However, if you are just starting in the world of vaping, it can be a good idea to get going with a SMOK vape. There is a wide variety of possibilities which you can potentially choose from, yet SMOK will always be there for you in most of the stores you go to.

For me personally, SMOK has been the right choice in terms of getting a decent starter kit. I really enjoyed the stylish look of the vapes they make and the quality is simply top-notch. I know there are some complaints and malfunctions that are commonly reported, but these are generally related to the replaceable coils, which are throwaway products anyways.

I highly advise you to go check out the reviews and tests I did on some vape products from a large range of brands, which you can find on this overview page. I spend a lot of time reviewing and testing products for you guys, so you can be sure the categories covered always have the latest and best vapes for your money on there. In case you still have questions about it, feel free to ask them in the comment section below this article. And as always, vape on!


  1. I purchased a Smoke R kiss. It worked fine for the first 3 weeks. Then it froze up showing “ohms too low”. It showed the warning with no atomizer on it. Leaving it with no batteries in it for about 20 minutes seemed to fix the problem, or so I thought. Still having same issue but give it a couple taps and it would work until I had to change batteries. Now it is a pretty black and red paper weight. I will never waste money on another Smoke product. The tanks are decent if you can live with the top sliding open.

  2. Love my SMOK tank. Easy to use refill and changing coils is a breeze. Especially compared to other tanks ive tried in the past. I’m using a different power unit now. The power unit that came with my tank worked great for about three years but 36 months in my pocket while I attended punk shows caused wear and tear on the power button and me dropping it but I did fix the button problem but in the end I opted for a new power unit where price not brand drove my purchase

  3. Great review, as always! Decent devices, so what to choose… I think I’d pick Smok Morph. It just seems to be ahead of others because of thought-out ergonomics and that side bar fire button. Only I don’t trust the touchscreen – once it fails, even a small area, then I can’t control the device.

  4. “Almost impossible to break under normal use” lie. I bought a tpriv and it lasted for like 4 months then just completely broke. Screen wont turn on, wont charge, nothing. I never overcharged the batteries or dropped it. Every smok coil seems to have the same factory defect that can cause it to leak into your mod and fry everything. All around, smok designes their product to keep you paying. Never again will I buy from smok

    1. Author

      There are always anomalies, of course. Normal use and care for the product should not be able to break it.

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