Vape Battery Explosion

How To Prevent A Vape Battery From Exploding

You’ve likely heard about the infamous exploding vape battery situation. Whether you saw it in a headline or heard it from a friend, it’s no secret that there have been infrequent instances of vape batteries exploding. Exploding vape batteries have left their users hospitalized with serious burns. Luckily, instances like these are very rare, and they’re almost always avoidable.

Vaping is now extremely common, so it’s more important than ever for vapers to practice battery safety precautions. Vapers want to know what they can do to keep their vape battery from exploding, and Vaping Junkie is here to provide you with all of the vape battery safety tips that you’ll need to keep yourself and those around you safe. In fact, I’ve already discussed the topic of Juul pods exploding, which turned out to be a myth. Unfortunately, this isn’t true for regular vapes, let’s check out why!

Can A Vape Explode?

Yes, if used improperly, a vape can explode. The mod itself isn’t, however, what typically explodes. The real culprit is the battery. This problem doesn’t only exist in the world of vaping. Realistically, any device with a Lithium-Ion battery can explode if the battery isn’t properly maintained.

Vaporizers, like many electronics, use Lithium-Ion batteries, and damaged Lithium-Ion batteries are prone to explode. Many vaporizers have safety features that prevent damaged batteries from overloading and exploding, but this isn’t the case with all vaporizers. If you’re using a vaporizer without these safety features, it’s especially important for you to understand and practice vape battery safety guidelines. Damaged batteries are far more likely to explode than batteries that have been properly cared for, and they’re especially dangerous when used with mechanical mods.

Mechanical mods lack the safety features that most regulated mods use in order to prevent vape battery explosions. Not even regulated vaporizers will you keep you completely safe from the potential dangers of battery explosions. Even if you’re using a regulated vaporizer, you should carefully follow the safety tips listed on the official FDA website to reduce your chance of experiencing an exploding vape battery.

FDA How To Prevent Vape Explosions

FDA advice on reducing vape explosion risks (Source)

Why Do E-Cigarettes Explode?

On the rare occasion that an e-cig explodes, it’s typically due to a short-circuit in the battery. The electrolyte inside a Lithium-Ion battery is extremely flammable, and if the battery isn’t functioning properly, it can overheat, causing the battery to explode.

Lithium-Ion batteries have three main parts: the anode, the cathode, and the electrolyte. The cathode is on the positive side of the battery, which gives off an electrical current. That current flows through your mod, providing power to your vaporizer. That current then flows back to the negative side of your battery where its received by the anode.

The risk of an explosion arises when your battery has a short circuit. The circular flow of current initiated by your battery is called the circuit, and this path of electrical current is extremely important. If your battery’s electrical current skips part of its intended path by finding a shortcut, it results in a circuit that’s literally shorter than it should be. This is what’s known as a “short-circuit.”

This can cause too much power to flow to your battery’s anode, and, as a result, the battery will sometimes heat up. The Lithium-Ion battery’s electrolyte is extremely flammable, and the overheating caused by the short-circuit is sometimes enough to ignite it. This is typically what causes a vape battery to explode.

How To Keep Your Vape From Blowing Up

Now you know that short-circuited batteries are typically to blame for exploding vaporizers, but what can you do to prevent a short-circuit? Here’s a list of precautions to take when vaping that’ll help prevent a vape battery explosion.

  • Replace damaged batteries: If your battery becomes damaged or wet, don’t use it! Replace it immediately, and dispose of your old battery at a nearby recycling location. If your vape battery’s wrap has been torn, you can replace it, but only wrap your own battery if you’re very confident in your ability to do so. If you need help rewrapping your battery, check out this helpful article. It even includes a video so you can see exactly how this is supposed to be done.
  • Keep unused batteries in a safe place: When you’re not using a battery, don’t leave it just anywhere. Keep your unused batteries in a cool, dry place. Make sure there are no conductive materials nearby, as this can lead to a short-circuit.
  • Only use the charger that came with your vape: Most vaporizers come with a micro-USB port, but it’s usually best to leave that port alone. Unless your vape came with a micro-USB charging cable, avoid using the micro-USB port at all costs. Cables that were made to be used with other devices can provide too much power to your battery, resulting in a short-circuit.
  • Use a regulated vaporizer. Luckily, most vaporizers these days are regulated. Regulated vaporizers have safety features that’ll decrease the likelihood of a vape-related explosion.
  • Use batteries that are compatible with your vape: There are a lot of vaporizers to choose from, and they’re all made to be used with a specific battery. Only use batteries that your vaporizer is compatible with, and never buy vape batteries from a source that you don’t completely trust. Don’t purchase used batteries.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll greatly reduce your vaporizer’s odds of exploding. Vape battery explosions may be rare, but it’s best to do everything that you can to keep it from happening to you. If you take these safety tips to heart, you’ll have very little to worry about. Never use damaged batteries, keep unused batteries in a safe place, avoid using your vaporizer’s micro-USB port, avoid using mechanical mods, and only use batteries that are compatible with your vape.

What Type Of Vapes Explode?

Every vaporizer has a small chance of exploding, which is why it’s best to understand and abide by general battery care and safety guidelines. However, the odds of a regulated vaporizer exploding are minuscule compared to the odds of an unregulated vaporizer exploding.

So what is an unregulated vaporizer, and why are unregulated vaporizers so much more likely to explode? Vaporizers consist of two main parts: the battery and the atomizer. The battery supplies power to the atomizer, which, in turn, heats up, causing your e-liquid to evaporate. With a regulated mod, there’s a little more going on. Regulated mods are a lot like computers. They use algorithms to think and make decisions for the sake of a more convenient user experience. If your battery has a short-circuit, a regulated vaporizer will detect the danger, and it’ll likely stop supplying power to your battery. Unregulated mods (or mechanical mods) lack this artificial intelligence, and they’ll consequently supply power to your short-circuited battery until it explodes.

For the most part, the dangers of vape battery explosions are limited to mechanical mods. It’s best to avoid the risk by using a regulated mod. If you insist on using a mechanical mod, it’s especially important for you to remember the battery safety tips listed above. Luckily, most popular vaporizers are regulated. Juul is one of the most popular brands in the world of vaping, and there haven’t been any reported instances of a Juul battery exploding. Even the tiny Juul batteries have built-in safety features that effectively prevent explosions.

How Often Do Vapes Explode? (Statistics)

If you usually carry a vape, you probably want to know just how often those things explode. Vape battery explosions are rare, but they’re often life-changing for those that experience them. Let’s take a look at some statistics that’ll put the rate of vape battery explosions into perspective.

Let’s start with some good news. As of now, there have been no recorded deaths in the United States caused by an e-cig fire or explosion. However, there have been a handful of recorded injuries. Between 2009 and 2016, there were 195 reported instances of vape battery explosions and fires. Of these 195 instances, only 133 resulted in acute injuries. Of those 133 injuries, only 38 were severe. As you can see, vape battery explosions aren’t at all common, although they can be very dangerous. So far, vape battery explosions aren’t lethal, but they can certainly be life-changing. Take the proper precautions and avoid tragic vape battery explosions like these.

The Risk Of A Vape Blowing Up

The chances of your vape exploding are thin, but you can further reduce those chances by taking a few simple precautions. Vape battery explosions are rare, but they’re no laughing matter. If your vape battery explodes, it could have a massive, negative impact on your life. It’s best to avoid the risk entirely by using a regulated mod, but if you’re determined to use a mechanical mod, make sure you’re using the right batteries. Furthermore, make sure your batteries are in safe, working condition.

If you’re using a regulated mod, you have very little to worry about. If you’re worried about your mechanical mod exploding, now is a great time to upgrade your vape setup. Vaping Junkie’s list of recommended gear includes the best regulated mods on the market. I test a lot of vape products, and my recommended gear list only includes those that stand above the rest. Skip the subpar vaporizers and go directly the best that the industry has to offer.

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