How to charge a vape pen instructions guide for charging

How To Properly Charge Your Vape Pen

You want to charge your vape pen, but are unsure how to successfully do it. This step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting guide will help you get over the most commonly found problems.

Properly recharging your vaping device should be a simple process, but sometimes you just encounter some issues. Your charger might be missing, or you’re unsure how long a battery lasts. Also, when you take a vape out of the box, the time it takes to charge might also be different than usual.

Knowing how to charge a vape pen is one of the first things you should know as a beginner, because you will be doing it very often. Luckily, most vape pens follow a similar method for charging the battery of a vaping device.

And then you have different types and brands of vapes, such as SMOK, Eleaf, Vaporesso and Wismec. Lucky for us, all of these popular brands use similar methods for juicing up their battery, usually using a regular USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 cable connection. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into how you should properly (re)charge your vaping devices.

Vape Pen Charging Instructions

Follow these vape pen charging instructions to successfully charge your vape:

  1. Turn off the vape pen before charging;
  2. Screw the battery into the USB charger;
  3. Connect USB charging device (including vape pen) with a laptop or charge station;
  4. USB light on vape pen changes from red to green when done charging;
  5. Unplug USB charging cable and unscrew vape pen from the charger.

These five steps are the most common method for charging a vaping device, but there are all sorts of ways we could add extra steps and potential troubleshooting solving in there. But I want to keep it as simple as possible for you.

So let’s keep our focus on the five basic steps and explain them in a little more detail. That way, you can be 100% sure that you’re doing it right, in case you might be confused by any of this. Here’s a YouTube video for a visual guide to help out with the steps:

1. Turn Off The Vape Pen

So when you start with turning off the vape pen beforehand, you want to press the button on the device to make sure everything is turned off (if available). It’s also a good idea to take a moment and clean your device. This way you can keep a good cleaning routine!

You may skip this step when your vape pen is coming straight out of the box, because it should be off already in the first place when it’s brand new.

2. Screw The Battery In The Charger

When it comes to screwing the battery into the USB charger, you want to make sure you have screwed the device on properly. It should be tight and secure inside the charger, without any type of friction. You should not be able to take it off without doing much when you have screwed it on.

3. Connect The USB Cable

Connecting the USB cable to a power charge station, your computer or laptop should be simple. Just grab that cable, make sure it’s oriented correctly (if it doesn’t fit, turn it the other way around) and plug it in.

Afterward, a small light should turn on on the device, indicating that the vape is charging correctly. If you want more information on how and when the charging light changes, please check out this resource.

4. Unplug The USB And Unscrew The Vape Pen

Finally, when you are absolutely sure the battery is full of renewed power (green light after several hours), you can unplug the USB cable and unscrew the vape pen from the charger.

This is where you should pay some attention again, because the unscrewing part can be a little tricky sometimes. If you screwed the vaporizer on too tight, you might struggle with unscrewing it.

Also, make sure you unscrew counter-clockwise, otherwise, you are just screwing it on more tightly, which creates that aforementioned unscrewing problem.

5. Perform A Test Run After Charging

After this entire process is done, you should do a simple test-run with your vaporizer. All you really need to do here is take a few hits and see what the battery indicator is telling you. Here is what you need to check up on:

  • Is the battery turned on?
  • Does the battery have a proper charge?
  • Are you getting a puff when pulling? (Solution: unscrew the cartridge and twist the metal contact on the bottom)
  • Does a pull feel clogged or not? (Solution: run a paperclip through it!)

Sometimes it can be the case that the battery is not fully charged yet. This is the most common problem you can encounter, so don’t worry too much when it happens. This can mean one of several things:

  • Your battery is old and worn down;
  • You haven’t charged it long enough and it needs more time;
  • You have a malfunction somewhere, such as improperly screwed back device.

Just go through the steps once more and see what you can do to fix this issue. You may also want to attempt a different type of charger. Usually, a regular Android phone charger will be a good alternative to the one that is delivered with the device.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Vape Pen Battery?

On average, the time it takes to charge a vape pen battery would be 2 to 4 hours. How long it can take would depend on the type of battery used, if the vape battery is used for the first time or if it’s old, and many more factors. When your charge is complete the LED-lights on the vape pen will turn green.

For the first time, the overall charge time will take shorter as the battery will still be 100% functional. Over time, it wears down and it will charge less and less quickly. So replacing it over time will certainly be a good idea.

Now you might actually be a little bit impatient, so let’s answer the logical next question. Because I’ve actually investigated this topic a few times before on this blog.

Can You Use A Vape While It’s Charging?

Yes, some vape models make it possible to vape while charging. This is usually referred to as “pass-through charging” by vape manufacturers. Since charge times last multiple hours, using a vape while charging is a practical feature.

This article I wrote will give you an extensive overview of which exact models are best to use while charging. I’ve reviewed the best models for pass-through charging and you’ll love every single one of them for sure.

But there’s one last issue we have not discussed so far. If you finished this whole process successfully, how long can you enjoy your freshly recharged batteries in a full lifetime? Let’s answer that and wrap up this article real quick.

How Long Does A Vape Pen Battery Last?

A vape pen battery will last up to 2 years or around 300 charges with normal use. How long your battery will ultimately last is dependent on:

  • The type of battery;
  • The intensity of use of the battery over time;
  • The environment in which you keep your battery;
  • Which vape pen you are using.

If you want to find yourself a quality vape pen that lasts long, make sure to check out the overview page and navigate to the vape pen section. That’s where I have reviewed the best vape pen currently on the market.

If you’re interested in pass-through vaping (where you can continue your session even during the recharging process), I highly recommend this overview I made. The article will give you the best pass-through vaping solutions currently out there. Very cool stuff indeed, those devices have changed my vaping style forever. And as always, vape on!


  1. Also the length of the battery life is how you charge it! Great info, although charging a battery at the incorrect times can cause the battery to only perform to a degree dependent on the charging routine! Otherwise this information is very reliable!

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