How Much Does Juul Cost A Month

How Much Does Juul Actually Cost? (A Month)

Everyone knows that vaping a Juul can be expensive. But how much will your Juul cost each month? This article will reveal you the REAL costs of choosing to vape a Juul device. The actual cost is much higher than the price of a Juul starter kit.

Sure, a regular device kit might retail for a mere $34.99 USD online, but that’s not enough if you wish to start Juuling. There’s a lot of extra hidden costs over time, such as purchasing additional pods and shipping those pods to your home.

How Much Does Juul Cost?

An official Juul pod system retails for $34.99 USD on popular vape websites. Device kits include a charging dock, and the Juul device itself (silver or black). The price for a Juul starter kit is $49.99 USD. Starter kits are similar to device kits, but will include 4 additional Juul pod flavors.

Juul Cost Month

Juul pods flavors can also be purchased separately. A single pack of four Juul pods will usually retail for $15.99 USD. These official replacement pod packages can be purchased in the following flavor options:

  • Mint
  • Virginia Tobacco
  • Creme Brulee
  • Cool Cucumber
  • Fruit Medley
  • Mango
  • Classic Tobacco
  • Menthol

The replacement pod flavors for Juul are available with either a 3% nicotine or 5% nicotine content. Please note that the flavor options Classic Tobacco and Menthol are only available in the 5% nicotine variation.

How Much Does Juul Cost A Month?

Now that we have an idea of the product pricing, the next thing we should discuss is the usage cost over time. This will depend on how much you use your Juul in any given time period. Let’s check out what the real costs are for an average user over the course of a single month.

ANSWER: On average, a Juul will cost you $171 USD a month when using 1ml of e-juice a day. These costs should be added on top of the initial costs of the Juul device kit ($34.99 USD), as well as potential shipping costs of the products.

These monthly costs are based on the average retail price of Juul pods in the United States. If you’re (un)fortunate enough to live in the state of California, prices are likely to be higher (about $25 USD for a four-pack of pods). The average Californian using 1ml of e-juice a day should expect a monthly cost of about $267 USD.

Check out the informative YouTube video below (from our friends over at Elevated Vaping), to immediately get a better understanding of the REAL costs of Juuling:

Juul Costs vs. Smoking Costs

Now that we have an understanding of the costs per month, we can use that data to take note of the costs per year. All we need to do is take the average monthly costs and multiply this number by 12 months.

Considering that the average retail cost of a Juul per month is $171 USD, the average retail cost of using a Juul per year would be $2052 USD. This excludes the purchase of the initial device kit (or starter kit).

This might sound rather expensive. But consider the following: A cigarette smoker using a single pack of cigarettes a day ($6.38 USD a pack on average in the USA) will spend about $2,292 USD a year on their smoking habits. That equates to about $188 USD a month for a regular smoker.

Obviously, choosing a Juul will be a relatively healthier choice. So if you’re a smoker considering making the change to vaping, a Juul might very well be a good financial ánd health choice. If you want to read a more comprehensive comparison, I did write an article about Juul vs. cigarettes on this blog. However, there are even cheaper pod system options out there, such as Juul compatible refillable pods. Let’s take a look at the options.

A Cheaper Juul Alternative

Think the price of Juul is still too high? No worries, I’ll help you find a cheaper solution. There are a few things you can do to reduce the overall cost of using a pod system like Juul:

  • Use third-party compatible pods in your official Juul device (such as Ziip pods);
  • Go for alternative pod systems, such as the ones in the overview selection below;
  • Go for a regular vape setup instead of a pod system (check components in this overview).

Doing a cost comparison between the Juul and other pod systems, you’ll quickly find that alternatives are almost always cheaper. This means it might be worthwhile to dive into the wide range of available pod system alternatives out there.

While alternative pod systems are considerably cheaper, they do have cartridges that need to be replaced. The cost for cartridge replacement is about $15 USD, while the overall average e-juice use comes down to $20 USD a month. So adding up the usage costs per month, we get a price tag of only $35 USD a month. That’s considerably cheaper!

I’ve already written a comprehensive overview of pod system alternatives a while back. Check it out by clicking the article link below.

Also read: The 10 Best Vape Pod Systems For Flavor That Outperform Juul

In case you’re too lazy to click through to that vape pod article, here’s the super-short breakdown:

  • Open vs. closed: Open pod systems allow you to choose your own e-liquid (making them refillable), while closed pod systems can’t be refilled and already have e-liquid inside;
  • Benefits: Overall, pod systems are highly portable, easy to use and have rather cheap cartridges;
  • Vapor production: We’re huge fans of the Innokin EQ, Lost Vape Orion DNA GO, Kandypens Ruby, and the Suorin Air;
  • Flavor: Try the Vladdin RE, Nexus AIO, or Rubi if you’re all about that flavor chasing;

So go out there and explore the world of Juul alternatives! There’s plenty of options for all types of vapers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a flavor chaser, cloud chaser or simply want a casual vape for on the road. There are great alternatives out there for everyone.

Third-Party Pods For Juul

Separate from the whole alternative pod system story are the Juul-compatible third-party pods. We’ve mentioned Ziip pods briefly, but there are a lot of brands that produce these types of ‘cheaper’ pods.

These third-party Juul pods aren’t all poor quality.

Most of them even enhance your experience! That’s because of the limited flavor range choices for the official Juul.

Want some strawberry pods? Nope, doesn’t exist. Except it does, if you’re going for a third-party compatible pod. That’s why these are so popular! And it’s not just because of the flavor enhancement. Third-party pods can also contain more e-juice per pod, making them longer lasting. Let’s see what the best options are:

NameBenefits compared to JuulPricing
EON Pods- Insane flavor
- Best bang for your buck
- 35 or 50mg strength
- Bigger pods (1ml)
Check current price here
Fuma Pods- Very cheap
- Lots of fruity flavors
- Up to 6% nic salt
Check current price here
Ziip Pods- Very trustworthy alternative
- Bigger pods (1ml)
- Many flavors
Check current price here

The Real Cost Of A Juul

As you can see, it’s pretty simple to decrease the cost of your Juul usage. Simply choosing to use third-party pods will already save you a considerable amount of money. But if you’re loyal to the Juul brand (I’m not sure why, but there are people that only want official stuff), you’ll still be off cheaper than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

While Juuling might be one of the more expensive ways to vape, it’s also the most popular. Even after the crackdown by the FDA. The legal battle is still ongoing guys! It’s like it will never end for those guys, the poor bastards.

But as users, we don’t really care about Juuls struggles with the law. We just want to vape some delicious e-juice and enjoy our lives! If you’re a smoker trying to quit, I will guarantee you you’ll feel better using a Juul (at least, compared to those nasty cigs).

And like we always do on the Vaping Junkie blog, I’d like to also recommend people to check out the vape gear overview page right here. It’s where you find the latest categories and products in the world of vaping. All of them hand-picked! So go check that out. And as always, vape on!

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